Going for a Drive

Thompsons and the Testers

Thompson car

DESCRIPTION: In the front seat next to the driver is Richard William Tester, and his younger brother Geoffrey John Tester in their little driving outfits. It is taken in Adelaide somewhere and the car belonged to ‘Mr Thompson’ who is driving, and his daughters are the others in the car.
DATE: early 1920s
CURRENT OWNER OF THE ITEM: Glenice Gare (nee Tester)
STORY/ABOUT: the old car, the dirt road, the little boys and girls? What’s not to love about this photo? Ok, I don’t know much of the actual story behind this photograph, but the young boys are ancestors, so there is a connection.

A Young Man Named Horrie

Horrie Phillips 1909

DESCRIPTION: studio photograph of Horace Norman ‘Horrie’ Phillips
DATE: taken in 1909 (when he was 19) in South Australia
STORY/ABOUT: The original of this photograph is tiny. It’s only about 10cm high, and yet is is so clear, and stunning photograph, I had to share it with you.

The Mystery of the Old Trunk

old trunk

old trunk

old trunk











old trunk leather strap

vintage pattern





old trunk



DESCRIPTION: an old, vintage-style trunk
sadly unknown, but maybe late 1800s-early 1900s
Alona Tester (nee Phillips)
This may is an heirloom that has been inherited, but it may not actually belong to our family, but rather that of the Green family from Gumeracha, South Australia.
I say that, as this old trunk was left in the cellar of the house when my parents moved into a house once owned by the Greens. Anyway as I do love old things, and couldn’t bear to part with it, I have now inherited this beautiful old trunk. The picture with the pink pattern above, is a closeup of the pattern of the paper covering the inside of the trunk, and is not unlike trunks that were used to transport family belongings when they emigrated. And the thick leather straps secures with screws made sure the lid was going to stay attached. I have many questions about this trunk, but at this stage more details about the origin and original use of the trunk remain a mystery!


How They Communicated in the 1860s

lettter to Phebe Robbins from Mary Robbins

DESCRIPTION: this is a 3 page letter to Phebe Robbins from her mother, Mary Robbins (nee Houghton)
DATE: dated 21 July 1869
STORY/ABOUT: As letters were the method of communication of the time, this letter talks about a whole heap of people, and things relating to them.
I’m yet to find out if those mentioned are relatives, or just friends or neighbours of the family. Still it’s interesting to read that someone has moved, someone else has been staying while someone else is in hospital, and someone else died and so on.

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