A Message from the Battlefield

postcard from Otto Winter 1916 - frontpostcard from Otto Winter 1016 - backDESCRIPTION: postcard written by Otto Rafael Winter to his parents-in-law (John & Margaret Daley), while he was overseas fighting on the battlefields in WW1
(note: Valda (Otto’s daughter) has written “Otto was sheltering in the building arrowed”)
DATE: 1916

2 Responses to “A Message from the Battlefield”

  1. Oh dear, such a terrible loss of life, in that particularly horrific part of the battle-ground. Many, of course, were Australian. Am trusting Otto made it home safe and sound. Thanks for the sharing Alona and Alan.

    • Alona Tester says:

      Thanks Catherine. This postcard is a real treasure as I have very little memorabilia from my Winter family at all (very few photos, letters, no diaries etc) – unlike every other branch of my family. So the fact that we have it means a lot of me. And yes Otto did make it home, though did suffer later in life thanks to being gassed with mustard gas while in the tunnels.

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