Silhouette of Another Era

Silhouette of Alona

DESCRIPTION: a black card silhouette image of Alona Phillips
DATE: probably around 1981-1983 (age 8-10)
CURRENT OWNER OF THE ITEM: Alona Tester (nee Phillips)
STORY/ABOUT: This silhouette image of me was done at the Royal Adelaide Show by S. John Ross when I was about 8-10. He was renowned for his paper silhouette images
travelling to the shows around Australia for many years sharing his art with others. being able to cut card this detailed is an artform, and I don’t know of anyone else that did (or is doing) it.

History in a Diary

page from Ella Randell's (nee Sinkinson) diary


DESCRIPTION: a portion of Ella Alice Randell (nee Sinkinson)’s diary
DATE: goes from 13 August 1900 through until 13 November 1901
CURRENT OWNER OF THE ITEM: Carey Hannaford (nee Baines)
STORY/ABOUT: This diary is simply beautiful. The aged look, the gorgeous handwriting, and what Ella writes about her life, her family and friends is fabulous. This portion of the diary consists of about 80 pages, and the back even includes a few recipes.

Famous Caricature of a Sporting Great

Ron Phillips caricature 1949

Lionel Coventry signature on Ron Phillips caricature

DESCRIPTION: an original caricature drawing by Lionel Coventry of Ron Phillips, footballer for the
North Adelaide Football Club
DATE: 8 July 1949
STORY/ABOUT: Lionel Coventry was famous for his caricatures of Adelaide personalities and visitors, and Ron Phillips was one of them. Having won the Magarey Medal for the North Adelaide Football Club in both 1948 an 1949 Ron was a well-known local identity in the football scene.

A Pocket-Sized Treasure

WB Randell Study Bible WB Randell Study Bible






WB Randell Study Bible  WB Randell Study Bible







DESCRIPTION: a “Manna in the Wilderness” study bible owned by William Beavis Randell
DATE: 1834
STORY/ABOUT: This has to be the smallest book I’ve ever seen (barely measuring 5cm wide) it was gorgeous, and that’s what got my attention. But what a surprise I got when I saw the it has W.B. Randell inscribed inside. William Beavis Randell was my emigrating Randell (in 1837), he was also my great great grandpa.

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