Welcome to Memorabilia House

open signThankyou for stopping by and visiting my blog. Some who know me may well wonder why I am starting ANOTHER blog, in fact I seriously asked myself the same question. Many times in fact. The answer I kept coming up with was that this is different from what I already blog about.

For those that aren’t familiar with my other blogs, you can find me at Lonetester HQ, and I’m also the primary writer for the Genealogy & History News blog.

So back to this one. My idea for Memorabilia House is that it’ll be a mini online museum of family heirlooms, so other family members know what exists and who has them … not to mention the story or value behind the items. So this will be a personal blog which will pertain to heirlooms and memorabilia that relate to families that I am connected to directly or those I inherited through marriage.

So bit-by-bit this online museum grow. And over time I expect to have photographs, documents, artifacts, ephemera and more, and hopefully it will help record of our family’s history.

2 Responses to “Welcome to Memorabilia House”

  1. Congratulations on the new blog, Alona. I’ve looked at your first few posts and am impressed by your photos.

    I look forward to following you in my RSS

    • Alona Tester says:

      Aww thanks Jill. I’m really enjoying this new blog,and glad that I made the decision to make it a separate one – I think t’ll work better that way. Now the hard part is what will I put on next. Is it a good thing my reli’s were hoarders?

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