Egypt – It Doesn’t Look Like that in Postcards

Sphinx Egypt 1941 WWII - front

Sphinx Egypt 1941 WWII - back

Sphinx Egypt 1941 WW2 - front

Sphinx Egypt 1941 WW2 - back

DESCRIPTION: The Sphinx, Cairo, Egypt
DATE: c. 1941
CURRENT OWNER OF THE ITEMS: Valda Phillips (nee Winter)
STORY/ABOUT:  These two photographs were in the Egypt ‘batch’ of photos taken by Harold Roy Winter (or as he was known in the army, Roy Harold Winter) while there with the 2/48th Australian Infantry Battalion
(Note: I really don’t know why the back of that first photo looks white, as it was scanned from the original photo which is more sepia-ish)

One Response to “Egypt – It Doesn’t Look Like that in Postcards”

  1. Deb Miller says:

    Wow! Better than any postcards I have seen.
    Relatives would have loved to receive these. I would have for sure!

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