It Just Keeps on Ticking

Jerome & Co Mantle Clock

Jerome & Co Mantle Clock

Jerome & Co Mantle Clock

DESCRIPTION: an old wooden Mantle Clock made by world-renowned clockmakers Jerome & Co., in  New Haven, Connecticut, and once wound up, it still works perfectly dinging away as it does
DATE: 1842-1868
STORY/ABOUT:  I would love to know more about the lineage that this clock has taken to end up with my parents, but sadly I probably never will. What I do know is Dorothy Randell (my great Auntie) had this clock prior to my parents.
Speculation makes us think that it probably came down to her from her grandparents (William Beavis Randell and Phebe Robbins), but whether it was through the Randell family line or the Robbins family line, who knows! What is important is that his family heirloom is still around, and being looked after.
You can see more examples of Jerome & Co’s beautiful clocks here.
And you can read more about Chauncey Jerome, the clockmaker here.

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  1. According to Watchmakers & Clockmakers of the world by G H Baillie (published 1966)

    JEROME – Prob Geneva ca 1800 with obscene en. paintings.
    Chauncey. Bristol & New Haven USA b 1793-1860. One of the pioneers of American Clockmaking. In New Jersey with Lewis STEBBINS in 1812. Worked with Eli Terry 1814-21. Started a wooden clock case business in Bristol in 1821. In 1824 joined with his brother Noble & Elijah DARROW to make the whole clock, and produced the bronze looking glass type of clock in 1825. Devised a wheel cutting machine for mass production and in 1838 made the first 1 day br clock (bracket clock) which had an enormous sale; consignments to England. Formed the Jerome Mfg Co in 1850 which failed in 1855 and was succeed by the New Haven Clock Co. Pub “History of the American Clock Business” New Haven 1860.

    Noble brother Bristol USA 1824-1840 period of partnership with Jerome

    C & N Bristol USA ca 1824 Wall clock Furt M (Stands for Furtwangen Museum (there is probably an example JG))

    If you would like a JPG of the page let me know and I will email one over to you.

  2. Sorry for the delay. Just about to email you the details now.

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