Far More than Just a Tobacco Tin

old Town Talk tobacco tin

old Town Talk tobacco tin

inside of the old Town Talk tobacco tin

ephemera that was in the old Town Talk tobacco tin

1932-00-00 undated expenses

undated, but as all the rest of the store supplies dockets are in 1932,this is bound to be around the same time. Treacle, Matches,Soap, Tea … then Gelignite!

1932-05-24 store supplies

one of the many store supplies dockets in the tin,this one is dated 24 May 1932

1933-01-12 Gun licence

Frederick ‘Bert’ Butler’s gun licence, dated 12 January 1933

DESCRIPTION: with two parts to this item, the first is the old tobacco tin. “Town Talk” is the brand, and it looks like it was made by W.D. & H.O. Wills in Sydney, Australia. The second part is the ephemera that was inside the tin – there’s 26 items, mostly cheque butts and receipts from a store in Western Australia.
DATE: early 1930s
STORY/ABOUT:¬† This tin belonged to Frederick ‘Bert’ Butler, who emigrated to Australia from England, and went to Western Australian goldfields. The ephemera that has been kept in this tin are mostly cheque butts, rent receipts and receipts from a local store. But that’s very cool as it shows what he and the party he was with bought each week. And you have to love the fact that you used to be able to buy anything from ink, to chaff, to flour and bread, to meat and towells, to cigarettes and gelignite all from the same store!
Bert Butler married my great auntie Daisy May Randell.

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