The Family Recorder

Phebe Randell's bible

Phebe Randell's bible

Phebe Randell's bible

inside page of Phebe Randell’s bible showing her name, place, and a biblical verse

close up of the inside page of Phebe''s bible

close up of the inside page of Phebe”s bible

a blank page in Phebe's bible where she has written family details

a blank page in Phebe’s bible where she has written family details

Phebe's bible BDMs 550

close up of the blank page in Phebe’s bible where she has written family details

DESCRIPTION: This is a bible that belonged to Phebe Randell (nee Robbins), William Beavis Randell’s second wife, who was my great great grandma
after 1876, but before 1919
 Alan Phillips
This is a rather unassuming looking bible as you can see from the top pictures, but when I looked through it and found the handwritten page of BDMs, I must say it sure felt like Christmas. Over the years I’ve learnt that many of my relatives have a habit of leaving bits and pieces throughout books. As a result of this, I now page through each one carefully page-by-page, which has led to all sorts of ephemera being discovered. But never did I expect to see a page of family BDMs (ok, just births and deaths in this case) written in a bible like this.
I’m presuming the entries written down to 1919 are in Phebe’s own handwriting. The 1921 entry for Abner, I can’t say who wrote that, as it does look like different handwriting, but the lines written in blue have been written by my grandma Evelyn Randell .

2 Responses to “The Family Recorder”

  1. Pat Richley-Erickson says:

    Congrats! You are the envy of every genealogist who dreams of inheriting such an informative family bible. I am glad you can identify most of the handwriting. Had you not blogged about this, the info could well have been lost to the ages.

    • Alona Tester says:

      Thanks Pat, it was truly a happy dance moment. I must say that I am having fun discovering (and documenting) all these records that do exist for my family – well, for some branches anyway.


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