From Sweden With Love

Postcard from Edvin Winter

Postcard from Edvin Winter

Christmas card from Sweden

Christmas card from Edwin Winter

DESCRIPTION: two postcards
DATE: 1st one 29 August 1931, 2nd one probably in the 1930s
CURRENT OWNER OF THE ITEM: Valda Phillips (nee Winter)
STORY/ABOUT: My great grandpa Otto Rafael Winter was born in Finland, and while he became a seaman and eventually jumped ship and settled in Australia, one of his brothers Edvin moved to Sweden. After Otto left Finland when he was about 20, they never saw each other again, but it’s fabulous to know that they did keep in touch.
These two items are very dear to my grandma (Valda) and it is a direct connection with her Finnish heritage, and with an Uncle that she’s never seen other than in photos.

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