A Family’s Heartbreak


cuttings from The Advertiser, Monday 20 July 1942

cuttings from The Advertiser, Monday 20 July 1942


DESCRIPTION: two cuttings from The Advertiser newspaper, dated Monday 20 July 1942 about Gunner Robert Hannaford missing in Rabaul
DATE: 20 July 1942
CURRENT OWNER OF THE ITEM: this was an item that was in one of Evelyn Hannaford (nee Randell)’s diaries, and daughter Anthea Phillips (nee Hannaford) is the current caretaker of these
STORY/ABOUT: It’s my belief that anyone who hasn’t experienced the pain and horror of war either by being in the battlefield or as family of someone who has, we can’t truly understand the pain involved. So when I realised that my great grandparents would have read that their younger son was ‘missing’ in the newspaper it is heartbreaking, and yet I know what I feel is nothing compared to what they would have. As in a later newspaper article dated 16 October 1942 Robert was confirmed as a casualty.
My grandpa Cecil Hannaford lost his little brother. My great grandparents Ralph and Dorothy lost a son. But it took 10 months for then to find out. That would have been the longest 10 months of their life. He wanted to serve his country so much so that he put his age up just to get in. He fought for his country. He died for his country.

Don’t Forget to RSVP About the Party

Ida Green birthday invitationIda Green birthday invitation envelope

DESCRIPTION: an invitation sent to John Beavis Randell and his his wife Ella (nee Sinkinson) to attend Ida Green’s 21st birthday party. Both the Randell’s and Green’s were families that lived in Gumeracha, so no doubt would have know each other well.
DATE: January 1905
STORY/ABOUT: I love this item as I have a connection to it in two ways. Firstly it was sent to my great grandparents JB and Ella Randell, and secondly the party was held at the Green’s “Springvale” house which is where I grew up. How cool is that?

And I even found a a reference to this is in the South Australian Observer newspaper. These aren’t yet online on Trove, but have been transcribed and published in the Torrens Valley Historical Journals.

transcription from the Observer, 21 January 1905 newspaper, and copied from the Torrens Valley Historical Journal No. 82 (March 2012)

transcription from the Observer newspaper, 21 January 1905, and copied from the Torrens Valley Historical Journal No. 82 (March 2012)