Born to Multitask

Alona Phillips sketch

Alona sketch #1 500

Alona sketch #2 500

DESCRIPTION: Framed picture with a photo of me (Alona Phillips) age 18 months, together with a sketch of the photo
DATE: c.1975
CURRENT OWNER OF THE ITEM: Alona Tester (nee Phillips)
STORY/ABOUT: This is a sketch of me was drawn by Judith Sweetman (someone my parents knew),  and she did a fabulous job of it. My mum gave me the photo and sketch a number of years ago, so I got them framed to keep them together. Oh and about the multitasking bit … well I do have a tendancy to do five or more things at once, and seeing this picture made me realise how young I started. As here I have my bottle AND my pink elephant, and I wasn’t giving up either.

Just Playing With Photos

The only reason for this post, is that I’m trying out thumbnail pictures. So if you click twice (slowly, not a quick double click) on one picture, it will show bigger. The pictures below are just samples, and have not been captioned or anything at this stage. In time I will have the whole series of each of these collections up.






Randell photo album pg01 Randell photo album pg02Randell photo album pg03 Randell photo album pg04 Randell photo album pg05 Randell photo album pg06 Randell photo album pg07 Randell photo album pg08 Randell photo album pg09 Randell photo album pg10 Randell photo album pg11 Randell photo album pg12 Randell photo album pg13

This Boot Wasn’t Made for Walking!

ceramic ornament vintage ladies boot

ceramic ornament vintage ladies bootceramic ornament vintage ladies boot

ceramic ornament vintage ladies boot 












DESCRIPTION: a ceramic vintage style boot ornament that was my grandma’s, which sadly now has a chip out the the back of it. Measures 15cm high, and 13cm from toe tip to the back of the heel.
DATE: unfortunately I have no idea as to the age of this item, but it would have been before 2000
CURRENT OWNER OF THE ITEM: Alona Tester (nee Phillips)
STORY/ABOUT: I don’t know anything about this boot other than Evelyn Hannaford (nee Randell) did own it, and I was given it when she died. I don’t know whether she bought it, was given it, or even inherited it. But I do doubt that it’s very old. Even so that doesn’t diminish the sentimental value of them item in anyway, aftterall it was my grandma’s and I do have a love of vintage style boots, so who wouldn’t love this ornament?

Just A Few Years Ago …

Alan, Anthea, Steve & Alona at Cudlee Creek, March 1974

DESCRIPTION: framed family portrait of Alan Phillips, Anthea Phillips (nee Hannaford), and their kids Stephen and Alona
DATE: March 1974
CURRENT OWNER OF THE ITEM: Anthea Phillips (nee Hannaford)
STORY/ABOUT: This is a photo of me, my brother and my parents. The photo was taken at my grandparents place at Cudlee Creek, with the Cudlee Creek-Lobethal Road in the background.
I would say that three out of the four of us look rather different now (ie. my dad, my brother and me), but my mum looks pretty much the same as she did back then.
Unfortunately the photo has started to crack, that is what looks like scratches.  As I’m documenting the items in the current condition they are in, I haven’t edited this image.

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