A Portrait by Ida Vinblad and Co.

L-R Sofia Sjoblom (nee Winblad), Aino Vinblad, Hedvig Helena (nee Backberg), Ida Vinblad c1900 Finland grey

DESCRIPTION: a photograph of my 3x great grandma Hedvig VINBLAD (nee BACKBERG) with three of her five daughters
L-R: Sofia SJÖBLOM (nee VINBLAD), Aino VINBLAD, Hedvig Helena VINBLAD (nee BACKBERG), and Ida VINBLAD
DATE: c. 1900
CURRENT OWNER OF THE ITEM: I have a copy of the photo, but unfortunately cannot remember which relative in Finland sent it to me
STORY/ABOUT: A portrait photo taken at Ida Vinblad Co. studio in Helsingfors (Helsinki), Finland. Yes, Ida was a photographer. This photo shows my 3x great grandma (the mother in the photograph), with three of her five daughters. Sadly my 2x great grandma (Hedvik Helena VINBLAD) is one of those that isn’t in this photo. Still is is a gorgeous photo, and is awesome to see some of my Finnish relatives.

So you can follow the family group, here’s a little chart
Adolf Edvard WINBLAD b.1834 Helsinki, Finland
m. Hedvig Helen BACKBERG b.1832 Hausjärvi, Finland

And their children were:
1. Hedvik (Karolina) VINBLAD b.1856
2. Sofia Vilhelmina WINBLAD b.1858
3. Josefina Charlotta ‘Fiina’ WINBLAD b.1860
4. Johan Adolf WINBLAD b.1862
5. Frans Edvard WINBLAD b.1864
6. Frans Viktor VINBLAD b.1865
7. Oskar Edvard WINBLAD b.1868
8. Ida WINBLAD b.1869
9. Aino Gustava WINBLAD b.1872

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words, But So Are Diaries!

old diaries

DESCRIPTION: 49 diaries written by Evelyn Phebe Randell (and later when she married, Hannaford)
DATE: they range from 1937 to 2000
CURRENT OWNER OF THE ITEM: Anthea Phillips (nee Hannaford)
STORY/ABOUT: Evelyn Hannaford (nee Randell) was my grandma, and she was an avid diary writer. So to be able to see events through her words is something special. The first one is dated 1937 and she would have been 21 years old, with the last one dated 2000, which was a few years before she died.
While her entries aren’t lengthy, they do tell of places she and the family went, people who visited, and day-to-day life. Then there’s the newspaper cuttings and recipes that she’s stuck in most of them as well. And apart from what’s written in the diaries, those alone help to create a picture of what my grandma was like.
She was always cooking, loved her garden, and scanned the “personals” section of the newspaper everyday.

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