He Built a Ship … All by Himself!

ship 1

ship 2

ship 3

ship 4

ship 5

ship 6

ship 7

DESCRIPTION: a handmade wooden ship, which measures about 60cm long
DATE: approx late 1800s
CURRENT OWNER OF THE ITEM: Stephen and Alison Phillips (nee Edwards)
STORY/ABOUT: According to my dad, his understanding is that this ship was made by James John (yes the surname is John) (1860-1938) who he believes had been at sea and made these models as a hobby.  Now James John married Clara Phillips (1870-c1957), who was a daughter of George Phillips (1845-1895) and Mary Ann, nee Kemp (1846-1929), my emigrating Phillips family.

Now to put it into some family type context here’s a little chart :

George Phillips m. Mary Ann Kemp (emigrated to Australia in 1865)
daughter Clara Phillips b. 1870 m. James John (he’s the one who made the ship)
ship handed down to James’ nephew Horace Norman “Horrie” Phillips (my great grandpa)
ship handed down to Alan Phillips (Horrie’s grandson, my dad)
ship handed down to Stephen Phillips (Alan’s son, my brother)

Another relative, Ken Phillips also had a similar ship.

[photographs by Jonathan Phillips]

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