A Bushranger, Early Sydney and More …

letter - Abner Robbins to sister Phebe Robbins 1864-04-26 page 1

letter - Abner Robbins to sister Phebe Robbins 1864-04-26 page 2

letter - Abner Robbins to sister Phebe Robbins 1864-04-26 page 3

DESCRIPTION: a 2 1/2 page letter from Abner Mark Robbins to his sister Phebe Robbins
DATE: 26 April 1864
STORY/ABOUT: I found this letter stashed in a tin full of all sorts of paperwork from Phebe Randell (nee Robbins) who was my great great grandma. This letter from her brother Abner who grew up in Findon, South Australia,  was sent while he was in Sydney and was about about to head off on a ship.
In it he talks about the streets and layout of Sydney in comparison to Adelaide, the tram, going to a wax work s show and even the bushranger Frank Gardiner, who was at that time in jail. As a side note, Gardiner was sentenced to 32 years hard labour, of which he served just 10 years, as his sentenced was then deemed too harsh.
This is proof that you just never know what info might be in the old letters! It just takes time to read them.

The World’s Best-Dressed Cyclists

Adelaide Cycling Club 1898 small

Adelaide Cycling Club 1898 cropped

DESCRIPTION: a large team photograph of the “Adelaide Cycling Club”, Li-Li, Season 1898-1899
Photo size 35.5xm x 28cm (with frame 50.5cm x 41cm)
DATE: 1898-1899
STORY/ABOUT: A team photograph of the Adelaide Cycling Club for the 1898-1898 season.
As there is a A.S. Randell listed in the photo (Alfred Swaine Randell), I’m assuming that this photo was part of the Randell family collection that my family inherited.
Fortunately the photo is captioned, and as the names don’t show so well on my small pic, I’ve put them below.

Back Row L-R: F.R. Burden, F.J. Anthony (Minute Secretary), F.B. Trevenen, J.H. Shearer
3rd Row: E. Seary, O.E. Alexander, H.J. Buck, J.R. Cave, Harold Bickford, J. Chamberlain, A.S. Randell, H.D.R. Ralph, W.H.P. Field, P. Hague, W.S. Johnson
2nd Row: J. Carruthers, R.J. Loader, H.F. Bickford, J.N. Hines, Esq. (Vice President), G.M. Evans, Esq. (President), Harry Bickford, Esq. (Patron), Jas. T. Ralph, Esq. (Vice President), Dr. R.E. Harrold, Esq. (Hon. Surgeon), H.S. Anthony, Esq. (Vice President), J.W. Canaway, Esq. (Vice President), V. Lewis
Front Row: Loo von Allworden (Hon. Secretary), Rudi C. Grummet (Hon. Treasurer), L. Prevost (Captain), M.C. Moore, R.R. Russack, J.A. Loader, C.E. Stamp, Lester Grummet