Time for a New Car …

receipt - Claude Black Motors car sale 1968

DESCRIPTION: a receipt from Claude Black Motors at Lobethal, showing that H.R. ‘Ron’ Phillips traded in on a 1957 Pontiac Sedan, and bought a new 1967 Ford Falcon XR Sedan
DATE: 4th July 1968
STORY/ABOUT: H.R. ‘Ron’ Phillips was my grandpa, but I don’t remember either of these vehicles as they were before my time. I do however remember him having several later Ford Falcons (one was blue, the other green), and it wouldn’t surprise me if he also bought them from Claude Blacks as well.
I went looking to see if I could work out how much $2342 from 1968 was worth today (2014), and according to Wiki Answers it comes in at $15597, though I’m pretty sure that’s US dollars, but I guess it’s a rough guide.

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  1. Alan Phillips says:

    This was the best car dad ever had – V8 power! A white one. It was the first new car he ever owned. He was a loyal Claude Black customer from then on – until he could drive no more. I think he had three more Falcons. When I was very young he would often use his father’s old tourer – a 1930s Chev I think. The first car he owned was a secondhand Hillman tourer in the very early 1950s. He then had two or three more big American cars, always a decade or so old. I learnt to drive on one of these huge beasts, before I got my first car in late 1963 – an early Mini, a real 850 cc Mini. But I did get to drive the V8 occasionally.

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