A Gift From the Queen

Coronation Bible 1

Coronation Bible 2

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DESCRIPTION: This a small bible with the New Testament in it
DATE: 2 June 1953
STORY/ABOUT: This small bible was a given to Alan Phillips. It was a gift that was given to every school aged student at a government school in South Australia from the South Australian Government to honour the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, on 2 June 1953.
(OK, it wasn’t actually a gift from the queen herself).

If you’d like to see some pictures of the coronation, click here to check out the front page of the Adelaide Advertiser, from Saturday 6 June 1953 issue.

2 Responses to “A Gift From the Queen”

  1. Alan Phillips says:

    Can you imagine a government today issuing bibles to public school children? We, along with thousands of other schoolchildren, were also present at the Wayville Showgrounds when the Queen visited Adelaide in March 1954, one of the very rare excursions we ever left the school yard for anything in those days. The Queen had only been crowned 9 months earlier and was then in her mid-20s. My mother was an ardent royalist (at 92 she still is) and had us (my sisters and I) make an elaborate model of the Coronation carriage. I still also have a pencil listing English monarchs down through the ages – probably issued at about the same time.

  2. I wasn’t yet at school in 1953 so I don’t know if our NSW Government was similarly generous. I still have my coloured Coronation souvenir book.

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