Life Before the Internet!

Alona on sheet iron sled


DESCRIPTION: playing outdoors was a big part of my childhood. And here’s photo of me sliding down the hill on a sheet of iron (sled style)
April 1976
STORY/ABOUT: My grandpa Hannaford had property between Cudlee Creek and Lobethal, in the Adelaide Hills, and I remember one particular paddock has several large walnut trees on it. Now and then there was a family outing to “help pick the walnuts”.
Being young I stayed out of the grown-ups way, and to keep myself amused I had a sheet of corruguated iron (I don’t know where it came from), and simply slid down the hill …. best game ever I reckon! But do you think you’d be allowed to do that today?

3 Responses to “Life Before the Internet!”

  1. What fun. Pleased to see you posting again to this unique and interesting blog.

  2. crissouli says:

    Great photo, and no, the PC police would have you listed as a child needing protection. Love the smile on your face…

  3. Alex says:

    What a great memory Alona!

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