Perfect If You’re Running Short on Shelf Space …

Bryce's Diamond Dictionary #3

Bryce's Diamond Dictionary #1


DESCRIPTION: “Bryce’s Diamond English Dictionary” is a tiny little dictionary (3cm wide x 4.5cm high)
DATE: the printed date inside is 1896
 Alan Phillips
STORY/ABOUT: I’ll be honest, I don’t know who this tiny dictionary came from, but my feeling is that it came from the Randell family, and maybe even belonged to my great grandpa John Beavis “J.B.” Randell.¬† But there is no inscription or handwriting inside it, so that is just speculation. Still it is in the family, and is an heirloom. I just don’t know the origin of it, still I felt that it warranted documenting.

The Preface of this tiny book says:
“The special feature of this little volume is, that by the omission of some words which can hardly be supposed either in spelling or meaning to offer any difficulty to people likely to consult a dictionary, space has been found for a considerable amount of puzzling words occurring in the scientific and other higher literature of our time.”

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  1. Michelle Nichols says:

    I love little books. Have several passed down ones plus a few I picked up from Garage sales and junk shops.

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