That’s a Whole Lot ‘o’ Snuff


the middle jar is a snuff jar from Taddy & Co. The end one is unmarked.

the middle jar is a snuff jar from Taddy & Co. The end one is unmarked.

Taddy & Co snuff tobacco jar

Taddy & Co tobacco snuff jar
Inscribed with Taddy & Co., manufacturers of tobacco snuff and segars. Minories, London


DESCRIPTION: Ceramic stoneware jar from Taddy and Co. made for tobacco snuff.
Measures about 25cm high, and no longer has the cork stopper.
undated, but possibly 1850s-1860s
 Alan Phillips
I don’t have a really interesting family story for this one, as it was a ‘house inherited heirloom’. By that I mean that it was one of the many items that came with the house my parents bought in the Adelaide Hills. Whether it was the Butler’s, who owned the house immediately before them, and are relatives, or the Green’s who owned the house from when it was built – we’ll never know. I do believe that my Uncle Bert (Fred Butler), did smoke a pipe, though not when I knew him.
But it could well have been the Green’s judging by the age of the jar.

For information on the long history of Taddy & Co. tobacco company, have a read of A Tobacco Story.

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  1. Andrew hall says:

    Hi, I have one of these pots. It measures 165mm wide by 220mm high, with a large cork stopper. Why call cigars, “segars”.?
    It has a small oval stamp of “doulton & Co, limited, 41 lambeth” into the bottom edge.
    Any way of telling its age?
    Best regards

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