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A Soldier Needs His Hat

Australian army slouch hat

William Harry Green in his army uniform, WW1

William Harry Green in his army uniform, WW1
photo courtesy of Glenis Reid

DESCRIPTION: Australian army slouch hat, without the rising sun brooch that was sometimes on the side
DATE: most likey WW1
CURRENT OWNER OF THE ITEM: Alona Tester (nee Phillips)
STORY/ABOUT:  This was another item that was left at “Spring Vale” at Gumeracha, and found when my family moved in, so no doubt would have belonged to one of the earlier occupants. Now the most likely person is William Harry Green who fought in WW1 in the Light Horse.

This is a Key to …

old key


DESCRIPTION: old style vintage key
DATE: at least the early 1900s
CURRENT OWNER OF THE ITEMS: Alona Tester (nee Phillips)
STORY/ABOUT: This is the one remaining ‘jailhouse key’ that I have from the old house I grew up in … ‘Spring Vale’ at Gumeracha, South Australia. And yes, all the beautiful old doors in that house had keys like this that were on a big ring – hence the term ‘Jailhouse Keys’! As the main part of the old house was built in the late 1800s/early 1900s I would say that that’s when the key dates from. And I believe it was the Green family that lived in the house at the time (and maybe built that part of it) – I do have more house history research to be on that though.

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