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Far More Than ‘Just’ Autographs







DESCRIPTION: this was my grandma’s (Evelyn Randell) autograph book.
DATE: the autograph book has my grandma’s name and date (2 Dec 1932) on the inside cover, so I would assume that’s when she began it – when she was about 16 years old.
CURRENT OWNER OF THE ITEM: Anthea Phillips (nee Hannaford)
STORY/ABOUT: With quotes, drawings, bible verses, squashed leaves and newspaper clippings, filling this autograph book, it is far more than “just” an autograph book. With the names and often addresses of people she obviously knew, it is a treasure trove of history.

Unfortunately I can’t put images of all 72 pages of it here, but the above pics give just a small sample of what’s included.

What was the Occasion?

Ralph Gould Hannaford with his stepmum and siblings 1904

DESCRIPTION: this is a most-of-the-family photo of William John Hannaford’s family.
Although the photo is not named, they are believed to be L-R: Merrywyn (sitting on rock), Mary (nee Henderson) (2nd wife of W.J. Hannaford), Cecil (or Dudley?), Elliott (behind the bush), Bera (front), Dudley (or Cecil?), Ralph and unknown woman.
DATE: 1904
STORY/ABOUT: Ralph Hannaford the boy closest to the right is my great grandpa (at age 14), and he’s here with most of his siblings, and stepmum Mary Rebecca Ballantyne Henderson.
This photo creates a lot of queries. Like what was the occasion that they dressed up for? And where was it taken? And where was William John Hannaford? And who is the lady on the righthand side?
Anyway I’m breaking my rule about only posting “original images” with this one, as it’s a copy that my dad obtained many, many years ago, from a distant family member in the hope of getting some answers.

This Boot Wasn’t Made for Walking!

ceramic ornament vintage ladies boot

ceramic ornament vintage ladies bootceramic ornament vintage ladies boot

ceramic ornament vintage ladies boot 












DESCRIPTION: a ceramic vintage style boot ornament that was my grandma’s, which sadly now has a chip out the the back of it. Measures 15cm high, and 13cm from toe tip to the back of the heel.
DATE: unfortunately I have no idea as to the age of this item, but it would have been before 2000
CURRENT OWNER OF THE ITEM: Alona Tester (nee Phillips)
STORY/ABOUT: I don’t know anything about this boot other than Evelyn Hannaford (nee Randell) did own it, and I was given it when she died. I don’t know whether she bought it, was given it, or even inherited it. But I do doubt that it’s very old. Even so that doesn’t diminish the sentimental value of them item in anyway, aftterall it was my grandma’s and I do have a love of vintage style boots, so who wouldn’t love this ornament?

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words, But So Are Diaries!

old diaries

DESCRIPTION: 49 diaries written by Evelyn Phebe Randell (and later when she married, Hannaford)
DATE: they range from 1937 to 2000
CURRENT OWNER OF THE ITEM: Anthea Phillips (nee Hannaford)
STORY/ABOUT: Evelyn Hannaford (nee Randell) was my grandma, and she was an avid diary writer. So to be able to see events through her words is something special. The first one is dated 1937 and she would have been 21 years old, with the last one dated 2000, which was a few years before she died.
While her entries aren’t lengthy, they do tell of places she and the family went, people who visited, and day-to-day life. Then there’s the newspaper cuttings and recipes that she’s stuck in most of them as well. And apart from what’s written in the diaries, those alone help to create a picture of what my grandma was like.
She was always cooking, loved her garden, and scanned the “personals” section of the newspaper everyday.

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