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Bryce's Diamond Dictionary #3

Bryce's Diamond Dictionary #1


DESCRIPTION: “Bryce’s Diamond English Dictionary” is a tiny little dictionary (3cm wide x 4.5cm high)
DATE: the printed date inside is 1896
 Alan Phillips
STORY/ABOUT: I’ll be honest, I don’t know who this tiny dictionary came from, but my feeling is that it came from the Randell family, and maybe even belonged to my great grandpa John Beavis “J.B.” Randell.  But there is no inscription or handwriting inside it, so that is just speculation. Still it is in the family, and is an heirloom. I just don’t know the origin of it, still I felt that it warranted documenting.

The Preface of this tiny book says:
“The special feature of this little volume is, that by the omission of some words which can hardly be supposed either in spelling or meaning to offer any difficulty to people likely to consult a dictionary, space has been found for a considerable amount of puzzling words occurring in the scientific and other higher literature of our time.”

“Kenton Park” For Sale, 1928

copy of original flyer, of the Kenton Park auction in 1928

copy of an original flyer for the “Kenton Park” auction in 1928

Advertising. (1928, December 7). The Mount Barker Courier and Onkaparinga and Gumeracha Advertiser (SA : 1880 - 1954), p. 2. Retrieved January 26, 2016, from

The Mount Barker Courier and Onkaparinga and Gumeracha Advertiser,
7 December 1928, p. 2.

Advertising. (1928, December 8). The Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 - 1929), p. 16.

The Register, 8 December 1928, p. 16.

entrance to "Kenton Park", Gumeracha 1928

entrance to “Kenton Park”, Gumeracha 1928

front of Kenton Park, 1928

front of Kenton Park, 1928

Kenton Park as it was in 1928

Kenton Park as it was in 1928

DESCRIPTION: flyer advertising the auction of “Kenton Park” which was being divided into 10 alootments
 date of auction was Friday, 14 December 1928
STORY/ABOUT: Gumeracha was founded as a town by William Beavis Randell around 1844, when he and his family moved there after arriving in South Australia in 1837.  “Kenton Park” was the property (estate) he made , and after he died in 1876 the property passed on to his oldest son William Richard Randell (the riverboat captain). In 1911 when he died, the property was passed on to his son, William Beavis Randell, and then his wife Hannah Randell (nee Finlayson) until she died in 1928 … which is when the auction happened.

As you can see from the map, “Kenton Park” as it was, was huge (369 acres in fact), and in 1928 was divided into 10 allotments. Lot 6 (59 acres) is the one that has the house on it was bought by the half-brother of Captain William Richard Randell, John Beavis “JB” Randell (my  great grandpa) at auction, and the house stayed in the Randell family until the late 20th century.



Christmas Day, 1934

0041a JB Randell, Nancy, Hartley, Darrel Christmas Day 1934

0041b JB Randell, Nancy, Hartley, Darrel Christmas Day 1934

DESCRIPTION: John Beavis “J.B.” Randell, with four of his grandchildren in his boat in the River Torrens at “Kenton Park”, Gumeracha, South Australia 
 25 December 1934
CURRENT OWNER OF THE ITEM: Anthea Phillips (nee Hannaford)
STORY/ABOUT: This is a photo that is in an album that belonged to my grandma (Evelyn Hannaford (nee Randell). J.B. Randell was her father, and the children in the photograph and the oldest of his grandchildren. The photo names three, but I see there are actually four in the photo. As the fourth is unnamed (sitting behind Nancy standing), I don’t know who it is.
Those named are: Darrel Harding, Nancy Harding, and Hartley Randell


Far More Than ‘Just’ Autographs







DESCRIPTION: this was my grandma’s (Evelyn Randell) autograph book.
DATE: the autograph book has my grandma’s name and date (2 Dec 1932) on the inside cover, so I would assume that’s when she began it – when she was about 16 years old.
CURRENT OWNER OF THE ITEM: Anthea Phillips (nee Hannaford)
STORY/ABOUT: With quotes, drawings, bible verses, squashed leaves and newspaper clippings, filling this autograph book, it is far more than “just” an autograph book. With the names and often addresses of people she obviously knew, it is a treasure trove of history.

Unfortunately I can’t put images of all 72 pages of it here, but the above pics give just a small sample of what’s included.

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