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The Randell Family Bible

the giant Randell Family Bible

the giant Randell Family Bible

photographing the photos in the Randell Family Bible

photographing the photos in the Randell Family Bible – see it really is HUGE!

the Birth entries

the Birth entries

the Marriage entries

the Marriage entries

the Death entries

the Death entries

here's just one of the photo pages in the bible

here’s just one of the photo pages in the bible

DESCRIPTION: This was a bible that was owned by my great grandparents Ella Alice Sinkinson and John Beavis Randell who married in 1899. It is huge, it is heavy (I’d guess about 15kgs), and is starting to fall apart … so great care is needed when handling it.
the publication date of the bible is 1881, but going by the handwriting I’d say the bible was either obtained in the 1910s-1920s, or else they had it earlier, and just didn’t write it it until later
 Alan Phillips
A family bible is an jewel of an heirloom to have – particularly if they have inscriptions and/or photos included. With this, my family hist the jackpot, as this family bible has both.

The inscriptions in the Bible begin with John Beavis Randell and Ella Alice Sinkinson, and then details the birth of all of their children, their marriages and a few deaths are filled in as well. it’s been through a few owners, as you’ll see different handwriting.

I hope one day that I’ll be the keeper of this treasure before passing it on to the next generation.

A Moment in my Great Great Grandparents Life

Ebenezer Sinkinson & his wife Lydia

Ebenezer Sinkinson & his wife Lydiaed

DESCRIPTION: a photograph of  ‘Grandma and Grandpa Sinkinson’. As it was my grandma Evelyn Hannaford (nee Randell) who wrote that on the photo, that would make these people my great great grandparents Ebenezer Sinkinson, and his wife Lydia Amelia Sinkinson (nee Bays)
DATE: undated, but probably around 1900, as Ebenezer would have been 50, and Lydia 49
STORY/ABOUT:  I’m breaking my own rule “it must be an original to be listed” with this photograph, as this is a copy, but it was such a striking photo that I needed to share it. It’s not a posed portrait, but simply a moment in their life, standing outside what is presumably their home, with the horse, cart and dog nearby. It’s gorgeous. And to have a casual photo like this from back then is rather unusual.
This photo was in my grandma’s photograph album, with nothing other than the little inscription of “Grandma and Grandpa Sinkinson” written on it. So unfortunately I don’t know where it came from. Knowing that the Sinkinson’s lived at Mount Torrens, South Australia for many years, the house in the photograph may be that one, but I don’t know as I’ve not researched my Sinkinson family yet.
If anyone has further details on when and where this photo was taken – I’d love to know.

Grandma WAS Young

Ella Randell (nee Sinkinson) with oldest daughter Annie, and youngest Evelyn

DESCRIPTION: a beautiful old photograph of Ella Randell (nee Sinkinson), together with her oldest daughter Ella ‘Annie’ Randell (age c.22),  and youngest daughter Evelyn Phebe Randell (age c.6)
DATE: approx. 1921-22
STORY/ABOUT: Ella Randell is one of my great grandmother’s on my mum’s side of the family, and her youngest daughter Evelyn Randell is my grandma. This has to be one of my fav. photos of my grandma, I do love seeing her when she was young.  And don’t you just love the beautiful smile that Ella has on her face, she looks really happy.
While I know the family grew up at ‘Kenton Park’ in Gumeracha, I don’t know if this is where this photo was taken. So as always, if other family know more about it, please feel free to let me know, and I’ll add it to the story.

A Family Outing in the Adelaide Hills

JB Randell Snr, with wife Ella & 1st child Annie - front

JB Randell Snr, with wife Ella & 1st child Annie - enlarged

JB Randell Snr, with wife Ella & 1st child Annie - back

DESCRIPTION: This is a family portrait of John Beavis Randell, together with his wife Ella Alice Randell (nee Sinkinson), and their first child Ella Annie Randell
DATE: late 1900
STORY/ABOUT:  John Beavis Randell was the only child from William Beavis Randell’s second marriage, and was born at Gumeracha, South Australia, and spent his life there. So it makes sense that this beautiful photograph was taken by local photographer H.C. Ives of Gumeracha.
Unfortunately I do not know the occasion as to why why photograph was taken, but they do look dressed up, so I’m sure there was an occasion.

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