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History in a Diary

page from Ella Randell's (nee Sinkinson) diary


DESCRIPTION: a portion of Ella Alice Randell (nee Sinkinson)’s diary
DATE: goes from 13 August 1900 through until 13 November 1901
CURRENT OWNER OF THE ITEM: Carey Hannaford (nee Baines)
STORY/ABOUT: This diary is simply beautiful. The aged look, the gorgeous handwriting, and what Ella writes about her life, her family and friends is fabulous. This portion of the diary consists of about 80 pages, and the back even includes a few recipes.

A Wedding to End the Century

JB Randell & Ella Sinkinson wedding photo

marriage notice - John Beavis Randell & Ella Alice Sinkinson

marriage notice in the South Australian Register newspaper – Wednesday 26th July 1899 (courtesy of Trove)
Article –

DESCRIPTION: the wedding photograph of Ella Alice Sinkinson and John Beavis Randell
DATE: 11 July 1899
CURRENT OWNER OF THE PHOTO: Anthea Phillips (nee Hannaford)
STORY: well, not so much a story, as a tidbit. This photo is actually printed on to something like a ceramic tile, which has then been framed. As I’ve not seen anything else like it, just thought I’d mention that.

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