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The Mystery Smoking Heirloom

vintage AIF cigarette case

vintage AIF cigarette case

vintage AIF cigarette case

vintage AIF cigarette case

vintage AIF cigarette case

DESCRIPTION: a silver (not true silver) cigarette case that measures 8cm wide by 11cm high, and is engraved with RHW, and has the Rising Sun emblem and “Australian Commonwealth Military Force” on the front bottom corner
DATE: unknown, but possibly around WW2 era
STORY/ABOUT: This is an item that we’re unsure of the origin of. Meaning we don’t know who it originally belonged to.

Seeing this item engraved with RHW, I assumed (rightly or wrongly) that it was my great uncle Harold Roy Winter’s, who was generally known as “Roy Harold Winter” while he was in the AIF during WW2.
However I spoke with my grandma about her brother, and she doesn’t ever remember him smoking, or having ever seen this item before. So while it is an assumption that it was his, I have no proof.

Still it is an heirloom, I’m just not sure whose, but I’m still recording it.

[Apologies for the poor photos – this was actually really hard to photograph]

From Sweden With Love

Postcard from Edvin Winter

Postcard from Edvin Winter

Christmas card from Sweden

Christmas card from Edwin Winter

DESCRIPTION: two postcards
DATE: 1st one 29 August 1931, 2nd one probably in the 1930s
CURRENT OWNER OF THE ITEM: Valda Phillips (nee Winter)
STORY/ABOUT: My great grandpa Otto Rafael Winter was born in Finland, and while he became a seaman and eventually jumped ship and settled in Australia, one of his brothers Edvin moved to Sweden. After Otto left Finland when he was about 20, they never saw each other again, but it’s fabulous to know that they did keep in touch.
These two items are very dear to my grandma (Valda) and it is a direct connection with her Finnish heritage, and with an Uncle that she’s never seen other than in photos.

An Afternoon in the Park

Valda Winter c1940

Valda Winter c1940

Valda Winter Mar 1940

Valda Winter, March 1940

DESCRIPTION: two photographs of my grandma, Valda Winter (before she married and become Valda Phillips)
DATE: aged about 19, the top one is around 1940, the bottom one March 1940
STORY/ABOUT:  both of these were actually the thick old-style slides, and were taken by Valda’s brother, Harold Roy Winter in Adelaide, South Australia. The bottom one was in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. And as Valda was a dressmaker, it should be mentioned that she made the dress that she’s wearing in the bottom photo.

A Message From Across the Seas

Edvin Winter postcard to his brother Otto Winter - front

Edvin Winter postcard to his brother Otto Winter - back

DESCRIPTION: a postcard from Edvin Winter in Stockholm, Sweden, to his brother Otto Rafael Winter, in Adelaide, South Australia
DATE: 17 June 1938
CURRENT OWNER OF THE ITEM: Valda Phillips (nee Winter)
STORY/ABOUT:  As this postcard is written partly in English and partly in Finnish, we’ve had it been translated into English (not by me):

Stockholm, 17 June 1938
My dear brother! I thanking your all for the very very welcoming letters and good wishes of you and Irene and the Girls. The latest [vas?] date 11/12 37[?] and next foregoing ” 26/9 37. Many – many thanks for all!
Yes, dear brother, soon we will celebrate midsummer here in our northern countries. I cannot wish you there in Australia a happy midsummer, even if I am always thinking of you and wishing you the very best. Please forgive my long delay in writing to you. Here I am sending you a winter picture showing how it was here in the North, when you had midsummer in Australia. No I am enclosing 2 notes of one pounds as a small encouragement to all of you suffering of the problems of the rainy season. With many, many good wishes and the most devoted regards to all of you.
Brother Edvin

All is well for me! I hope the same to your everyone.

So while Otto never ever made it back Scandinavia after leaving in the early 1900s, it’s really nice to know that he and his family did keep in touch.

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