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6 Responses to “Contact”

  1. david mcinnis says:

    I found your website while looking for some Norsworthy family postings. I couldn’t figure out what the connection is though. I come from Ingersoll Ontario Canada and have done quite a bit of reading and even some discovery work about the Major who was killed in the First War. Do you have any information related to his service record or know of those who do?

  2. Glenn Duthie says:


    Firstly, I love this site. What lead me to reply to your page is because I have a link to the Green family listed.
    William Harry Green married Anne Young Duthie, my Great Grand Aunt (DEC 1904). I would like to copy the image of William that you have on here. I have a little Duthie family history collection that I would like to add his image into.
    Kind Regards

    Glenn Duthie

  3. Tim Blue says:

    I love the Tarakan sketch. My father was a junior officer there late in 1945 piece and I have written a book about it. I wonder if you still have the sketch and might let me have a good quality photograph of it please?
    Many thanks, cheers
    Tim Blue

  4. Diana says:

    Hi. While googling the Robbins family I came upon this site. I was very interested to see the photos and articles you have found on the Robbins family. I am descended from Mary Ann Robbins and Richard Holland. I am just starting to piece together the Robbins family history (after doing all my other branches). Is it ok to save the image of the funeral card of Mary Ann Holland? Thanks 🙂

    • Alona Tester says:

      Hi Diana, great to hear from you. I am currently overseas, but will be home in a few days. I’ll send you an email with some details of the family when I get home. And yes, feel free to save the funeral card, thankyou for asking.

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